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    Disclaimer Policy:

    Before listing the products on Jovial mart it is mandatory for the sellers to make sure that all their products should be authentic and original. Sellers may not decline regarding the responsibility for, or regarding the originality or legality of the products that they have listed before in their listings. If in case the seller are unable to verify the originality or authentication of the product then that item will not be listed on Jovial Mart.

     Make it sure that listing to be provided should follow these guidelines. If, guidelines will not be followed then the listing will be removed and the seller may be subjected to an extent of other actions, including the limitations of buying as well as selling privileges and delaying of your account

    The actual product may differ slightly from the image in terms of colour, as it is subject to availability. 

    Please read the following guidelines:

    Following points are allowed in the guidelines:

    Sellers may use the words like:

    “Guaranteed and authentic products”

    “100% authentic products”

    Following points are not allowed in the guidelines:

    1)      Sellers are not to list the products which are not authentic.

    2)      Do not list the products if you are not 100% sure that the items are authentic.

    3)      Additionally, sellers cannot disclaim or decline the authenticity of the product by giving a statement like:

    “I cannot give the authenticity of this product, kindly bid accordingly.”

    Similarly, kinds of statement are not acceptable.